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Since 1888

in SOLES we are the 5th generation dedicated to the anchovy salt preservation process in L'Escala

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SOLÉS Anchovies

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SOLÉS Anchovies & seafood products

“In 1888 Francisco Solés Oliveras, my great great grandfather, founded SOLÉS Anchovies in L’Escala (Costa Brava).
Since then, 5 generations have dedicated to the salting of blue fish, keeping safe until today the secrets and the tradition of a careful artisan process”

(J. Solés – SOLÉS Anchovies owner)



130 years keeping the Tradition & Respect for the sea using fishing techniques that don’t harm the oceanic floor, the Patience in an artisan process with no hurries, as our ancestors used to do, and the Quality of the anchovies are the basis of our preserves.

In SOLÉS we are Anchovy Masters!


Peninsula & Balearic Islands only (France soon)

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28 Oct

Anchovies SOLÉS – Factory visit

Rosa and Canal10 do a quick visit to the Anchovies SOLÉS factory....
16 Dec

Anchovies in Salt

The anchovies in salt are the anchovies taken directly from the barrel...
15 Dec

Olive oil anchovy fillets

The processing of the anchovy fillets is totally handmade. When the anchovies...
14 Dec

Anchovies in Vinegar

When it is the appropriate time (spring-summer), in SOLÉS Anchovies we also prepare the recognized...
13 Dec

‘Avi Benet Recipe’ Preserves

The Products Under the name ‘Avi Benet’ (grandfather Benet) Recipe, SOLÉS Anchovies...
05 Dec

Anxoves de l’Escala, S. A.

Founded in after the Spanish Civil war by Carles and Magdalena Sureda,...