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Anchovies in Salt: How to clean them at home


Once opened the jar, try to keep covered the anchovies with salt and their own liquid. If you keep them in the fridge, you can extend your intake until to 2 years.





1.- Always under running water, gently desalinate and clean the outside of the anchovies.







2.- Remove the main spine.







3.- Open the anchovies along the spine and divide them into 2 filets.




4.- Remove the side spines in order to heave the fillets completely clean (you can leave the fillets joined by the tail).


5.- Once we have the anchovies cleaned, dip in water about 10 minutes; let drain for a while and then put them on a tray and cover them with olive oil.


They can be eaten immediately or keep them before in the fridge a few days.


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