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SOLÉS Company

SOLÉS Anchovies is a family business born in 1888 and where the essence of our success has been kept generation after generation: quality raw materials and a highly artisanal process.






Since 1888 when Francisco Solés Oliveras, great great grandfather of the current owners, founded SOLÉS Anchovies, five generations have dedicated to the salting of blue fish, keeping safe until today the secrets and the tradition of a careful artisan process.

In the ‘Casa de la Punxa‘ in L’Escala, a singular and emblematic Art Nouveau building located in the seafront and owned by SOLÉS family, opened a few years ago a new point of sale.



(photos by Miquel Bataller)



SOLÉS family has carefully respected since ancient times the values of the old masters of anchovies:



The ‘telaranya‘ (spider web), the ancient art of fishing chosen by SOLÉS masters of anchovies, is respectful to both the sea and its natural resources and with the integrity of the fish, which reaches port without any damage that could affect its quality.

Only the precise balance between the correct fish size, the most suitable period for fishing, and the fishermen experience to be able to find the best places, ensure the survival of this tradition throughout the centuries.



An artisan production process, with no hurries and as our ancestors used to do, the long maturation time and the technical and human skills acquired after years of learning are the basis of our delicious salt-packed anchovies.



The origin of the fish, caught in L’Escala surroundings is critical to ensure its freshness on one hand and on the other, the unique taste and aroma of the fish that has lived in the near and rich Costa Brava waters.


(*) set of all environmental factors that affect a crop’s phenotype, unique environment contexts and farming practices, when the crop is grown in a specific habitat. (Wikipedia)



The anchovy salting process is done patiently in the following phases:


1. Evisceration ( ‘esganyat’)


2. Compression


3. Rest in sea salt


4. Maturation


5. Remove the supernatant


6. Tasting


7. Packaging



If they are oil-paked, then also: Desalting baths, Rinsing, filleting and Coverage with Olive Oil.


This is what we call Done it The Right Way! and it is the weay they have always been done in Can SOLÉS along 5 generations.