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Anchovies in Vinegar

When it is the appropriate time (spring-summer), in SOLÉS Anchovies we also prepare the recognized Boquerones in vinegar (anchovies in vinegar); A product that is also obtained from the anchovy but with a very different productin process.


boquerons-en-vinagreSOLÉS anchovies in Vinegar


When fresh anchovies arrive, the first thing we do is remove the heads, tails and bellys, and divide tem into 2 fillets, clean them and marinade them in vinegar for 24 hours – immersed in a mixture of vinegar, water and salt.

The day after, they are cleaned and packaged in jars along with olive oil and a chopped garlic and parsley. Once packaged, they are frozen to comply with the current regulations regarding the consumption of raw fish to prevent anisakis*.

The expiration date of the anchovies in vinegar is short, about 12 months, since we do not not add any preservative, coloring or additive. As it is also a semi-preserved, they should always be kept in the fridge between 0-4 ° C.




*anisakis: fish parasite that can provoke allergies and digestive system diseases.


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