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‘Avi Benet Recipe’ Preserves

The Products

Under the name ‘Avi Benet’ (grandfather Benet) Recipe, SOLÉS Anchovies develops a new line of preserves from sea products, with all of their flavor and SOLÉS quality warranty.

“In SOLÉS we intend to recover the taste of home canned-preserves that our parents and grandparents did, with all natural ingredients, and with no additives or preservatives.” (J. SOLÉS)

Olive-oil packed Tuna fillets, olive oil-packed tuna belly, olive oil & marinade-packed Coast Sardines and Tuna, Squid with garlic and parsley, Rock Octopus with paprika and Cuttlefish with its ink.

receta-avi-benet-lowresAvi Benet Recipe Preserves by SOLÉS Anchovies


The Recipe

SOLÉS target has always been the quality, and it is also starring in this new preserves line.

From highest quality raw products and through slow cooking, a less aggressive pasteurization and with its traditional recipe, SOLÉS managed to keep all the sea flavors.



Avi Benet

In 1880 L’Escala was basically a village dedicated to fishing and the vineyard cultivatio, with about 2,500 inhabitants.

In this village was born, in 1880 February 4th, Benet Tarres Callol.

Son of Josep Tarrés Solés (known as El Peroler) and Llúcia Callol Ballesta, Benet was the eldest of three brothers and sisters.




In 1903 he married Concepció Ballesta Badia. They had three children: Miquela, Rosa and Josep.

Benet was a sailor. He lived his entire life in L’Escala until the day of his death on 1962February 5th, when he was 82 years old.

In Can SOLÉS, Benet has always been remembered as the Avi Benet (grandfather Benet). And with the name of Avi Benet we want the new SOLÉS preserves line to be known.



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