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Olive oil anchovy fillets

The processing of the anchovy fillets is totally handmade. When the anchovies in salt are ready for consumption, they are extracted from the barrels where they have matured, and washed its outside part. Then the residual water is dried with the help of a centrifuge machine.


filets-anxova-oliSOLÉS anchovy fillets in Olive oil


“Doing the fillet” consists of opening the anchovies along its body and separating them into 2 fillets. Next, the central spine and the lateral spines are removed to leave them cleaned. It is a process that requires patience, experience and skills.

The anchovy fillets are placed vertically inside the different shapes and sizes glass jars. Once the entire outer perimeter of the jar has been coated, rolled anchovy fillets are placed in the middle space. The jars are finished filling them with olive oil.

Kept at refrigeration temperatures, anchovy fillets in olive oil have a shelf life of 1 year. Once opened the boat is important to cover the anchovy fillets with their own oil.

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